FIT szűrés

A colorectalis rák (CRC) – azaz vastagbélrák – az egyik leggyakrabban diagnosztizált rákfajta. A jó hír az, hogy a CRC előfordulása és az elhalálozás jelentősen csökkenthető, ha a diagnosztizálás kellő időben megtörténik.

A széklet immunkémiai vizsgálatai (faecal immunochemical test – FIT) non-invazív eljárások, és képesek kimutatni a székletben levő, puszta szemmel nem látható vért. Egyszerűségénél fogva a FIT-et tartják jelenleg a CRC-szűréshez a legjobb non-invazív vizsgálatnak.

A FIT elvégzésével fektessen be egy kis időt a saját egészségébe a vastagbélrák megelőzésére és időben történő felismerésére. További tájékoztatásért látogassa meg a ‘FIT for screening’ weboldalunkat

Sysmex UK Ltd Brexit BCP

Preparations Sysmex have made under the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to, as far as reasonably possible, secure continued supply of our products and services to our customers in the UK and Eire post Brexit. 

Dátum: 2019-01-03 Címkék: News, United Kingdom

Dear Valued Customer,

Sysmex has been waiting for clarity regarding the trading arrangements following Brexit on 29th March 2019.  Throughout this year we have planned for the worst and hoped for the best. With the House of Commons vote on the Brexit deal postponed until the week 14th January 2019 we now need to act and have to consider a ‘No-deal Brexit’ a real likelihood. 

I wish to now inform you about the preparations Sysmex has made under our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to, as far as reasonably possible, secure continued supply of our products and services to our customers in the UK and Eire post Brexit.

In April 2018 ground was broken to commence the building of Optima20 a 20,000sqft warehouse adjacent to Sysmex House, Milton Keynes.  Optima20 was commissioned to provide greater flexibility and security for local storage and supply of goods throughout the UK and with Brexit in mind.  Optima20 increases Sysmex’s local warehousing space by 70%, which includes a doubling of our cold storage capacity.  Sysmex Logistics services come on line from Optima20 on 4th February 2019 in readiness for Brexit and whatever that entails.

In addition Sysmex has taken the following steps:

  • We are investing over £4million (€4.6 million) in a ‘Brexit Security Stock’ which will increase our normal stock holding by an additional 3 months’ worth of reagent and consumable inventory and regularly used spare parts. The security stock will be delivered to Sysmex Logistics in the first week of March 2019 well in advance of Brexit and will not be released into routine stock until we see absolute stability in the supply chain.

  • Deliveries to our customers in Eire will be secured with direct bulk delivery from main-land Europe to Dublin Port, by-passing Sysmex Logistics, Milton Keynes and keeping the goods within the EU throughout the supply chain.  Local clearance and delivery to our warehouse at Fonthill Park, Dublin will be handled by Aquilant our supply chain partner in Eire.

  • We are reviewing coagulation reagent batch hold renewals due in March-May 2019 and will, upon agreement with each customer, bring these forward to February and March securing the goods into our local cold storage in advance of Brexit.  Our team at Sysmex Logistics will be communicating directly with customers who are due for renewal during this time period.

  • Haematology blood controls are shipped direct from the USA to UK and therefore will not be affected. Deliveries will be made directly from the USA to Fonthill Park, Dublin for supply to our Irish customer base.

  • Where Sysmex UK manages supply of other supplier’s goods through our Managed Service Contracts we have asked each supplier for details of their BCP in order to mitigate identifiable risks.

  • We will monitor ordering patterns and quantities to ensure that any additional demand does not affect the supply of our products to all of our customers. 


Although Sysmex UK is taking significant steps to ensure supply of goods post Brexit I would encourage every customer to undertake their own risk assessment and to implement appropriate contingency plans.

As a responsible supplier Sysmex UK Ltd is confident that we are taking all reasonable steps to stabilise supply of our products and service through the months immediately following Brexit.  We will continue to review our practices to mitigate against increased prices and will continue to monitor the Brexit negotiations and review our BCP accordingly, and will advise should there be any significant alterations to our planning.

Should you have any questions or require any assistance regarding arrangements for Brexit please do feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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