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Sysmex Extended IPU online training

Sysmex produces haematology analysers that are known as the most highly recommended counters on the market. Accurate and reliable, they have always done exactly as asked – counted cells in samples with advanced and front-running technology.

But did you know that we offer far more? We have brought together our expertise and experience in what we call our Extended IPU. The Extended IPU is an advanced software concept that bundles rulesets for biomedical and technical validation of results, manages your workflow and consolidates data.

Do you know how to get the very most of your haematology analyser as the operator?
Or do you want the whole laboratory to benefit?

To learn about the primary functions of our Extended IPU just click on the link on the right-hand side to enter your ‘My Sysmex’ area. After logging in you can start the online training immediately.

The Extended IPU online training covers the following topics:

  • Sample validation
  • How to handle special patients
  • Use of the manual count pad
  • Patient data history and sample multi-runs
  • Entering comments
  • Little quiz in the end

Have fun! It will certainly help you with your daily work.

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